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Cisco IOS and CatOS Platform support help

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Cisco IOS Software Activation (Licensing, Universal images)

Cisco has introduced "Software Activation" which uses the concept of a "UNIVERSAL" image (containing all the features available for the platform) and a Licensing scheme to authorize and activate the Cisco IOSŪ Software feature sets. A special file contained in the switch or router, called a license file, is examined by Cisco IOS Software when the product is powered on. Based on the license's type, Cisco IOS Software activates the appropriate feature set. License types can be changed or upgraded to enable a different feature set, without requiring a new Cisco IOS software image to be downloaded.

The following Platforms use Universal images: CAT3560E, CAT3750E, CBS3032, CBS3120, CBS3130, 861, 881, 888. Feature information for these platforms (listed by feature license) is available in the documentation link accesible in the "Cisco IOS Software Activation" feature description.

800 Series
  • Cisco 860 and 880 Integrated Services Routers offer an optional 802.11g/n Wireless capability.
  • The optional Wireless Access Point runs its own IOS images, which are listed under the "AP801" Platform in Cisco Feature Navigator.
  • In order to see complete Feature support for the 860 and 880 Integrated Services Routers, please combine results from the "AP801" and the appropriate 860 or 880 model (861, 881, 888, 881SRST, 888SRST).
Cisco Catalyst 6000/6500 Series

Catalyst 6500/6000 Series Software can be deployed in three different modes depending on the hardware configuration and customer requirements. Cisco Feature Navigator allows you to examine and compare the various individual software components that comprise these three options.

  1. CatOS mode, where Cisco CatOS system software for the Supervisor provides primarily Layer 2 LAN Switching features only.
    Select from CatOS Platforms: CAT6000-SUP, CAT6000-SUP2, CAT6000-SUP32PFC3, CAT6000-SUP720 etc depending on Supervisor version installed.
  2. Hybrid mode, which requires both CatOS for the Supervisor and Cisco IOS for the MSFC card. In this mode, with both CatOS and IOS loaded, CatOS provides the Layer 2 features, IOS provide the Layer 3 and router-like features. Select from CatOS Platforms: CAT6000-SUP, CAT6000-SUP2, CAT6000-SUP720 Select from IOS Platforms: CAT6000-MSFC, CAT6000-MSFC2, CAT6000-MSFC2A, CAT6000-MSFC3 Research each Platform and combine results, depending on combination of Supervisor and MSFC versions installed.
  3. Native mode, which uses one Cisco IOS system software image for both the Supervisor and the to provide Layer 2, Layer 3 and other router. Select from IOS Platforms: CAT6000-SUP1/MSFC1, CAT6000-SUP1/MSFC2, CAT6000-SUP2/MSFC2, CAT6000-SUP32/MSFC2A, CAT6000-SUP32/PISA, CAT6000-SUP720/MSFC3, CAT6000-VS-S720-10G/MSFC3 etc, depending on combination of Supervisor and MSFC versions installed.
Cisco IOS XR Software Package Help

Cisco IOS XR Software can dynamically load and unload software packages that can deliver one or many individual features. These software packages are created in versions and can be updated individually or patched if necessary to add features or resolve problems, allowing system enhancement and maintenance to take place without requiring a system restart or disrupting traffic traversing the system.

Cisco Feature Navigator shows the features enabled by IOS XR package. Most features require only one package to be enabled, however some may require more than one package.

For example:
'BGP 4' feature only requires the Unicast Routing Core package to enable it.
'IPSec NAT Transparency' feature requires both the 'Security' and 'Service IPsec Controller' package to be enabled.

When result from Search by Feature show multiple packages for a selected feature, all the packages are required to enable the feature. When searching by Software or Platform or when comparing images, features can be displayed by Package. If a given feature is shown for more than one package, then all these packages are required to make the feature available.

For more information on Cisco IOS XR, please refer to
Cisco IOS XR Software Release Notes

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